Over 20 years of experience in creative and information design including:

Information architecture, User Interface and Experience design for applications and web products. Publications, advertising, branding, collateral, exhibits, outdoor advertising, direct marketing and corporate sales and marketing presentations.

Professional experience ranging from start-up projects to enterprise level application design. Clear understanding of how information and visual design fit into the unified process methodology.



There are many problems to be solved, and many great solutions. The place to start is define who has the problem, what problem they have and as a business do we have an opportunity to solve this problem. Selecting the right problem to solve includes choosing the correct level and method of research, knowing your timeline, budget and a core understanding of your access to the end user.


Great solutions are designed by a tight coupling of business needs, user advocacy and development practicality. Through a variety of collaborative activities we can begin to clearly define a solution to the problem we are solving, and describe it in a story. A story can be tested quickly without the need of a UI, which allows us to rapidly test and iterate on our solution until we know we are delivering the right level of value.


We now have what we need to build our solution. As the backend starts their work, the design team can be wire framing and testing a visual solution to the defined problem. Once we know how the problem is solved within the UI, we are able to create high fidelity designs that include branding. This process lets us deliver the UI to the front end developers when they need it and know that the solution is tested and proven.

About Me

As a dedicated leader in UX, I bring a proven Lean UX methodology to each project an organization I work with. I believe in simple elegant design that serves the need of the solution. I am a native of Austin, Texas, where I love gardening, coaching youth baseball, cooking and listening to the widest variety of musical styles possible.


If you are interested in Lean UX or need some help with integrating UX into an agile workflow, please don't hesitate to contact me. If you want to know how the season is going for youth baseball I am always happy to discuss that as well.

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